Our Story

Did you ever feel you just wanted to scrap the rat race and forge out on your own to do something else?  Something real?  Something with meaning? Yeah, well we felt that way once upon a time, too.  Five years ago, to be exact, when we set out upon this journey to put a small craft brewery on our own little slice of heaven out in the middle of nowhere.  Build it and they will come, they say. 

And come they have.  It hasn't been easy, though. We struggled, we scrimped and we saved. We put in long hours clearing the land, building a bridge, building two old-looking new houses.  And then all the long, hot and sweaty hours of brewing up the best tasting beer we could - just for you.  

Yes, we did all of this for you.  To create the most beautiful farm brewery in America for you to enjoy right here in Salem NY, for you to come over and have a pint or two and forget about the world's troubles for an hour or so.  So, this isn't so much a story about us as it's a story about you and what you value and want to see in the world.  We are here living the dream because you're here living the dream along with us.  Come along for the ride - it's going to be a hell of a good time!