Battle of the Bands

Introducing the Salem Community Courthouse’s first Battle of the Bands Competition. The fundraiser will be held at RS Taylor Sons and Brewery in Hebron, NY on June 22nd.

The Salem Courthouse was built in 1869, so this year we are celebrating its 150th year of existence. The Salem Courthouse Community Center is dedicated to providing a venue for artistic endeavors, for craft making, and for unique educational experiences that help our young people to meet their full potential. We look at the present as a steppingstone to the future and give individuals a chance to enjoy and to serve the community. We celebrate our past by restoring our historic building. We have plans in the works for several restoration projects that will add to the list of projects completed in the past sixteen years. Fundraisers such as these keep this wonderful community center open!

This fundraiser will be an all day event with food, beer, and great music. We are aiming to have about 12 bands perform, and go through three rounds, with a panel of judges deciding who the $1,000 prize should be awarded to. We hope that you will consider buying a ticket, or registering your band for what we hope to become a must-see, annual event.



We are now accepting applications for bands to perform. To download the band registration form and further instructions regarding the event, click the link below.


Battle of the Bands Registration Form



Submit completed registration form and $25 in person or by mail to HSPCA, PO Box 140 Salem, NY 12865, no later than June 8th, 2019.